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pants are for squares.



Alaude didn’t have a date for Tumblr Prom, so I asked him if he’d like to go with me. (He said yes!)
Hey Primo I’m taking your guardian to prom. Hope you don’t mind. He’ll be home by 11.

-sighs- You didn’t have to ask me. I was fine being by myself and alone, but damn, do I look freaking fabulous in that dress.
((Oh my god, I’m dying, I love you so much for this, Cakes!))

You look wonderful tonight.
((ooc: ;w; He’s incognito for a job obv))

Only okay if I get to take one of your guardians for a prom date, too. Yes and bring him home on time—he gets cranky when he doesn’t get enough sleep.
((so which one of you poor askblogs of 10th gen would offer to be giotto’s date? :3 if no one says yes I’m going to choose at random dur hur hur))

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The kind I can smash into my grandson’s face.
Buon cumpleanno, decimo.

A new suit is in order.
It’s coming out of your allowance.

But my allowance has been coming from my Mom who gets it from my Dad who’s working for the Vongola…so it’s still your money…

Since its incipience, CEDEF’s funds have been completely separate from the Vongola treasury…which means we’re actually taking money from Alaude but he doesn’t know that.